Timeline of the Buildings and Grounds

FOUNDED-About 1880-1 acre of land given by Mr. & Mrs. R.G. Brank 1 acre of land given by Mr. & Mrs. James M. Parker
First Church was constructed of logs and slabs. Was known as Slab College.
Later frame building constructed-Named-Pleasant Grove Union Church.
Methodist Class organized-1887.

Two wings added to frame building-1913.

1940-Decided to build a new church-Which meant a large sum of money.

The property belonging to a Union Church-No funds could be given by the Methodist Conference or the Presbyterian Board on a new church.

Aug. 24, 1940, A member wrote a letter to the church saying, “We must have a new church”. She and one of her grandson’s had carried two rocks and placed them as a start. A lady in Fort Worth, Texas upon hearing of the placing of the two rocks, sent a five-dollar donation. So with five dollars, two rocks, faith and many prayers, in Oct. 1940, work began on a new church.

The people of the community gave of their money, time and materials.

People from fifteen states made contributions

May 1944-One fourth acre of land given by Mr.& Mrs. M.C. Parker. (This is the driveway and parking on the southern side of the church.)

1950 Rev. Leon Lutz organized a Baptist Class. He being the first full time Baptist Minister.
Rev. Paul Chandler came next.

1954 Rev. Robert E. Harris

1962-The Presbytery moved the membership of Pleasant Grove Presbyterians to the Hemphill church. Some members joined the Methodist. Others joined the Pleasant Grove Union Church stating a Presbyterian preference. Others state a Baptist preference.

1962-1970 Methodist lay speaker on 2nd and 5th Sundays.

1970-Rev. Wayne Davis from Beech Presbyterian Church agreed to preach the 2nd Sunday each month, accepting what was in the offering as his pay.

1978-Church Belfry Rebuilt.

1980-Celebrated 100th Anniversary of Church.

1981-Rev. Eric Kast, an Episcopalian, held church services on Saturday nights.

1981-Storm windows added.

1981-Sound system installed.

1982-New outside doors installed (Front, side and basement)

1983-Carpet installed in classrooms and down steps.

1984-New roof put on church.

1984-New Oil tank put in.

1985-Wooded area in back of church, cleared and grass sown.

1985-Chain link fence built around grounds of church.

1985-Well drilled.

1986-On June 1, 1986, Christ United Methodist Church was organized using Pleasant Grove Union Church building for 2 weeks. Ceiling fans installed in sanctuary and classrooms.

1987-New furnace installed.

1990-Sanctuary remodeled-New ceiling, floors refinished, woodwork and walls painted, new light fixture, new carpet.

1990-New guttering installed.

1991-Four classrooms remodeled-ceiling sheetrocked and textured, walls and woodwork painted, new carpet, stairwell painted and steps carpeted.

1992-Basement finished after 50 years using it as it was. Duct work flattened, lay in ceiling, wall built to close in furnace, Paneling on walls and columns, new lights, carpeted, new ceiling and paneling in classrooms, new carpet, new lights in classrooms. Storm door and patio.

-Air Conditioning installed

-Wheelchair Access Ramp

2003-New metal front doors and nursery door. Belfry was covered in vinyl siding.

2005-Main floor closet was converted to a restroom.

2006-Well pump and water filter reworked.

2009-New Monument Sign installed in front.

2010-Roof on the Belfry was redone.