Minutes from the Constitution and Bylaws Committee Meeting

February 20, 2013

The purpose of our meeting today: Our new Constitution and Bylaws committee had asked those of the congregation who want to participate in this Holy endeavor to come during our first thirty minutes of each meeting to share their ideas.  

Julia Gaines opened the meeting with prayer.

 Today there are two main questions we need to talk about:

  1. 1.    Pleasant Grove Union Church, who are we?    

We are a church:

  • ·        that loves God,
  • ·        that loves the community,
  • ·        that wants to serve the community, and
  • ·        that represent all historical Christian denominations.  (We feel our forefathers believed this when they organized this church and we believe it up to the present time.)

    2.  Pleasant Grove Union Church, how are we church?

         We are: 

  • ·        one body of believers, with
  • ·        different denominations, sharing
  • ·        the same basic beliefs with blended differences, and having
  • ·        different forms and traditions that are also blended.

 Some members of the congregation brought snacks and drinks for us to enjoy, so we were very informal in this part of the meeting. 

 After thirty minutes, the committee excused itself to begin work in closed session. 

Note: During the closed session we began to look at different Union Church’s Constitutions and Bylaws, starting work on what needs to be done to draft our own. 

We will meet again next Wednesday at 4 for the same process as we followed today.  We welcome input from the congregation.   Please join us!

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