Passed: Constitution and Bylaws

Update: The Constitution and Bylaws that are many months hard work by the congregation and elected committee were passed in a majority vote during the worship service on May 19, 2013. You may read the new Constitution in its entirety by clicking on the link on the right hand side of this page labeled “Constitution and Bylaws.”

After the fellowship meal and discussion on Sunday, the Constitution and Bylaws Committee went back into session in order to rework some of the areas about which you expressed a concern or a need for change.

The current working copy of the Constitution and Bylaws that the Committee is presenting to the church is on the page called “Proposed Constitution and Bylaws” on the right side of this website.

The official vote on the Constitution will be on May 19, 2013 during the worship service.  Please join us as we celebrate our new members, our lifelong members, and vote on this Constitution and Bylaws.



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